Approved Lottery Activities

List of lottery events

Licence No. Name of Organisation IE Statements and
Review Reports
Available for
Inspection Until
4794 The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children PDF 31/03/2023
4806 Hong Kong Adventure Corps Limited PDF 31/03/2023
4807 The Hong Kong Road Safety Association PDF 30/04/2023
4808 Families of SMA Foundation Limited PDF 31/03/2023
4809 Sunbeam Children's Foundation Limited PDF 30/04/2023
4810 Autism Partnership Foundation Limited PDF 30/04/2023
4812 Hong Kong Playground Association PDF 31/03/2023
4813 Project ORBIS International, INC PDF 31/05/2023
4814 Society For Abandoned Animals Limited PDF 30/04/2023
4815 Scout Association of Hong Kong PDF 31/08/2023
4816 Hong Chi Association PDF 31/05/2023
4817 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals PDF 31/05/2023
4818 Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School Parent Teacher Association PDF 31/08/2023
4820 The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association PDF 31/05/2023
4822 International Social Service (Hong Kong Branch) PDF 31/05/2023
4824 The Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund PDF 30/09/2023
4825 Oxfam Hong Kong PDF 31/05/2023
4826 The Association For The Advancement of Feminism PDF 31/07/2023
4827 Heep Hong Society PDF 31/08/2023
4828 The Catholic Women's League PDF 31/08/2023
4829 Bosco Charity Association Limited PDF 30/11/2023
4833 Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) Trustees Incorporated PDF 31/10/2023
4835 The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children PDF 31/01/2024
4839 Benji's Centre PDF 31/01/2024
4840 Yan Oi Tong Limited PDF 29/02/2024
4841 Yan Chai Hospital PDF 31/01/2024
4844 Diocesan School Old Boys' Association Limited PDF 29/02/2024
4846 St. John's Cathedral PDF 31/12/2023
4847 Society For Abandoned Animals Limited PDF 29/02/2024
4851 MFMW Limited PDF 29/02/2024

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