Amusement Games/Machines Recently Approved by the public officer appointed by the Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs for Installation in Amusement Game Centres for Persons Under the Age of 16

No ticket-dispensing facility is provided.
Players less than 1.2m in height should be accompanied by an adult. A body height measurement device should be installed next to the machine.
The game will not be used for online playing
Please see the following remarks for the game conditions:
(a) The maximum playing time of each game should not exceed 5 minutes to avoid the negative impact to the players (e.g. reduce the impact of strong light to the eyes);
(b) The age, height and health requirements for each game should be clearly stated in the premises;
(c) The players should be clearly briefed for the rules and regulations imposed by the operator and suitable safety demonstration should be given in the premises.
(d) The operator should clearly set out the safety area which only allows the players / marshal(s) to enter so as to protect spectators and passers-by; and
(e) Marshal(s) must be present in the game arena during each game to ensure that the players are playing according to the rules and regulations imposed by the operator.
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